Cystic Acne Treatment

People suffering with Cystic acne know all to well the frustrations and pains of trying to have there condition treated. In many cases, Cystic acne can be resistant to the acne medication and even cause Side Effects that are worse than the acne itself.

Before starting any type of treatment for you acne there are a few things you should be aware of to make the process less frustrating for yourself so you can have the clear skin you’ve always thought was just a dream.

Fist thing is to be aware that like other acne, Cystic acne has no cure. We know a basic cause is your glands producing too much oil in your skin, but also we know each person has there own unique “triggers” for bringing on breakouts, thus making it imposable to cure.

Although Cystic acne is resistant to many acne medications, there are treatments available that can help. Currently accutane or Isotretinoin is the most common and effective treatment but the Side Effects can be severe. Don’t fear the side effect though; all you need is a little help in understanding the things you can do to help prevent them.

Since accutane can cause you skin to become severely dry, your lips tend to suffer since the skin in that area is more sensitive. You should always carry a good lip bam with a healing medication for chapped lips to ensure you don’t suffer needlessly. Also your eyes, being the most sensitive area of skin on your face, will become dry and irritated as well. Ask for a moisturizing cream to help the dry skin of your face can also help. It’s a good idea that if you wear contacts to use glasses while going through this process to help ease the irritation. Another side effect is aching muscles. You should defiantly try some moderate exercises and stretching. Also getting a bit of extra sleep when you can help will help with the aching.

Remember if you have any concerns before or during you treatments bring it up with your dermatologist. Majority of patients find that once the side effect clear the majority of there acne has cleared and tend not to have any severe breakout in the future.

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