Laser Acne Treatment at Home

Anyone who has tried or thought about Laser acne Treatment knows that although the results are quite positive, the time and money spent to have these treatments can be a little much to bare.

Like other Acne Products these new at home laser devices claim it is very easy to use, clearing blemishes within a few days. So will these at home laser acne treatments work? This all depends on the quality of the device and the severity of a person’s acne. For mild to moderate cases of acne, sure they can be a great treatment but are not be suited for sever complicated acne and other sever skin problems. Even with that we have to remember they are no substitute for the real thing since the quality and strength of a medical laser will always be better.

Although FDA approved, this only means the company has provided some evidence that ithe device does do what it claims in a majority of tests. Other similar devices that have not been FDA approved just simple need to be considered safe and can be sold without any proven evidence that they work.

Another thing to look at is that these at home laser devices claim not only to be effective against acne but other conditions as well. The American Cancer Society has warned that low-level light therapy Products in particular are being touted for conditions in which there is little or no proof that they help conditions such as pain relief, inflammation, smoking cessation, herpes, high blood pressure and migraines.

The cost of these at home laser acne treatments can fun you any where from $200 to $500 dollars to start. So devices such as the one available from Sunetics, come with additional add-ons for facial wrinkles, skin pigmentation and pain relief/wound healing and cost $250 a pop. That’s a lot of money for something that may or may not work so that you can save some time in your week.

When looking at time, money, and results, in the long run it is better to just spring for the extra hundred or two and get a professional treatment that works. It would be great if these devices start to really prove there claims because anything that makes clearing up acne easier would be great. Until then however stick with what works and consult a doctor or dermatologist to find out what you need to do to treat your acne.

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