About Me

My battle with acne Started at the age of 14 when I first started to get the occasional break out. At that age, with the odd pimple here and there, you just think its normal and everyone get them. Unfortunately for me by the time I was 16, I had an explosion of Acne. I then started the long hard battled that would take me right into my adult years.

As a young girl in high school I had to go through the emotional battle with the acne as well. I spent countless hours trying to cover up my acne with makeup which wasn’t always possible because of the dryness I had in some areas and the oiliness in others.

I tried every cleanser cream and treatment I’d find in stores or read in magazines. Some controlled it a bit for a while, but it always came back in what seemed like a rebellion showing up in places I haven’t had any before. I had friends but I would hear the occasional comment about being dirty and not washing. Some nights I’d not go to a dance or with my friends because I’d be so frustrated trying to get ready I’d break down crying. My parents, god bless them, would tell me it’s ok and I’ll grow out of it, but that day never came.

When I graduated and went on to college, confused as the rest on what to do with my life, my acne graduated to appearing on my back and even chest. This made my self esteem even lower and affected my relationship with both my friends and having a boyfriend. I wasn’t comfortable in my skin and couldn’t be the person that I wanted to be. One day a professor in the medical dept of the collage recommended I go to a dermatologist. At first I was a bit offended but explaining she had the same problem and showed me a picture. I was shocked and could not believe the beautiful women with and amazing complexion looked like me!! She gave me the number and I went, finding out a lot about the kind of acne I had, how to keep track of what triggers my acne and a regiment to control it. After a few months my skin was the clearest it had been since I was 16! I went to a family Bbq and upon seeing the reactions of my family and they wonderful comments the confidence I always long for came to me.

After that I decided to become a dermatologist and specialize in acne and also received a degree in psychology. I now help other people control there acne, going to high school heath classes to inform teens about the facts. Just remember you can control acne so don’t let it control you!!

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