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Acne medicine Accutane on Trial

Jason Peipert, like millions of North Americans in the past two decades, started taking accutane as a last resort to control his acne. Peipert knew there were some side but did not know however that in any way would result in his new ailment, inflammatory bowel disease. What makes this issue worse is that he is only one of the 400 similar claims around the country. Peipert blames the acne Medicine Accutane and...

Murad Acne Complex

Murad acne complex, which was developed by Dr. Howard Murad, is a three step acne Treatment that is becoming one of the top over the counter acne treatments available today. This treatment is know for not using benzoyl peroxide but instead uses salicylic acid and topical treatments with soothing botanicals. Like other treatments it has numerous before and after stories of acne sufferers that have controlled...
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